January 2018

Specific Chiropractic Will Help Boost Your Immune System

by Joseph Cho

The hormonal system (endocrine system) and the body's defense system (immune system) are directly connected & controlled by Nervous system.  When the nervous system is not optimally functioning, the organ systems and muscles are malfunctioning or in other words, less-functioning. Chiropractic works to keep the nervous system functioning at optimal levels.

Numerous research studies show that chiropractic care positively increases immune system function. 

Two studies, published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT), showed that several types of immune system cell had increased biological activity after Chiropractic adjustment. One type of cell that showed increase activity were neutrophils. Neutrophils are white blood cells that play some very important roles in our innate immune system. They circulate around our body in the bloodstream, and when they sense signals that an infection is present, they are the first cells to migrate to the site of the infection to begin killing the invading microbes.

 The idea that chiropractic can help immune system is not a new concept. A century ago, hundreds of thousands died under the influenza epidemic of 1918.  Professor Dr. Dan Murphy, DC, of Life Chiropractic College West collected and reviewed statistical data from the influenza epidemic. He found that patients who were under chiropractic care during this epidemic had significantly higher survival rates.  Coincidence or the chiropractic adjustment increasing immune system activity and function?

So, what do these studies mean for you?

 It is flu season and increasing evidence is showing that chiropractic care can help keep your body healthy by itself through the increase of immune cell activation levels. Chiropractic is non-evasive, drug-free way to increase immune response for adults and children.   If you have any questions, call or come to New Mexico Family Chiropractic Clinic and get your spine checked and adjusted and ultimately boost your immune system!


Brennen, PC. Enhanced phagocytic cell respiratory burst induced by spinal manipulation: potential role of substance P.  Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.1991